An introduction to Financial Healing

You might be asking yourself, “What is financial healing and do I need it?”

If you have found yourself in over your head financially, then yes, you do need financial healing.

But what is financial healing?

I define financial healing as “healing or becoming financially healthy and responsible.”

I believe that the reason many of us continue to struggle financially—even with a better economy—is because we are like my six-year-old only on a much larger scale.

Allow me to elaborate.

My granddaughter will see an ad and immediately believe that she needs whatever item it is that is being advertised.

Youtube videos that are tailored to children make her want those things more and more. She watches several “celebrity” toy videos from Ryan’s Toy Review to many others. All those videos do is make her want whatever toy it is that they are advertising.

Us “big kids” are the same.

The buy-in

We may like to believe that we are able to withstand the barbs of the advertisers who are trying to hook us with their sales pitches. But how many times have you watched an ad and thought, “Boy, I could really use one of those”? or, “I sure would like to have that”?

Don’t feel bad if you’ve had those thoughts and don’t beat yourself up if you actually bought one of those “trinkets.” It happens to all of us.

We all “buy in” to the great buy in!

Some might argue that this is the stuff our economy is built upon.

I would argue that this is what corporate greed is built upon.

How do we achieve financial healing?

Good question and the answer may not be the exact same for everybody.

This site is here to seek answers to that question and more. It will also offer some ways to help you get yourself out from under the burden of living paycheck to paycheck.

We will also look at what a “millionaire mindset” is and many others ways to look at wealth and acquiring things differently.

Thank you for stopping by and watch for more coming very soon!


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